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Unite the USA  (Softcover) 

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Need a gift of encouragement to fuel faith in God and traditional patriotism? Carrie and Stacie Stoelting have written a new book to empower patriots to make a big difference in the land we love. The title? Unite the USA: Discover the ABCs of PatriotismUnite the USA inspires and educates Americans to defend faith and freedom and to value veterans.


When you give this book as a gift, you give a gift to your country because it helps equip patriots of faith and freedom to make a big difference in our beloved country.


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*Premium Patriotic Package: Unite the USA (book) and In God We Still Trust (CD) for only $25! (It's a sure way to inspire anyone who loves America!)

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In God We Still Trust captures patriotism, faith, and freedom and enraptures audiences with soaring voices of passion. Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth appear as new leaders of the post-9/11 generation. Their three octave ranges combined with their passion for Christ motivate audiences to move forward in faith! With powerful, heart-stirring songs, In God We Still Trust activates positive patriots of faith. Its mission shines truth and hope to a tired nation: to glorify God, value veterans, and activate patriots of faith. With God's help, today's Americans can unite the USA to return to her roots of faith and freedom!  In God We Still Trust  will speak to the heart of America. It will make you feel proud to be an American like never before!

Track Listing

1. National Anthem 
2. In God We Still Trust 
3. God Bless America 
4. Battle Hymn of the Republic 
5. While There s Time 
6. God Bless the USA 
7. America the Beautiful 
8. The Lord s Prayer 
9. It Is Well With My Soul 
10. A New Hallelujah





Heavenly brings you into the presence of your Heavenly Father. Totally God-glorifying, Heavenly brings a Heavenly perspective to earthly living. Get your minds on Heaven and enjoy your time on earth. Get your own copy of Heavenly and worship with Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth!

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Track Listing 

1. Boundless Love 
2. Because He Lives 
3. Only the Blood
4. Via Dolorosa
5. Alive Forever
6. Jesus, What a Beautiful Name
7. Second Childhood Children
8. We Shall Behold Him
9. Gospel of Grace
10. Greater Is He
11. Dwelling Places
12. We Receive You, Jesus  






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Still Holding Hands Stacie Ruth Stoelting speaks for a yet unheard voice: America’s youth facing Alzheimer’s in families. Through her published articles and her book, Still Holding Hands, Stacie Ruth spreads Alzheimer’s awareness and hope from a Christian young person’s perspective:  Stacie Ruth promotes Alzheimer’s awareness via her dramatic visual/audio stimulating programs full of acting, speaking, and singing at churches, Alzheimer’s Association conferences, and special events.  At 15, she wrote a book, Still Holding Hands.(See below.) It is a novel-like depiction of her grandparents’ true romance, adventures, fight with Alzheimer’s disease, and victory through faith. Many celebrities and leaders endorse it.  The Alzheimer’s Association granted permission to use its resources in the back of the book.  (Still Holding Hands promotes the Alzheimer’s Association.)  It appeals to all ages and backgrounds.   

Features of Still Holding Hands:
  • A Fresh Perspective from a Christian Young Person
  • Alzheimer’s Association Resource Section
  • How to Cope with Alzheimer’s through Faith
  • How to Help Families Cope
  • How to Care for a Caregiver (of Alzheimer's patients) and more
  • Religious Inspirations
  • An Enrapturing True Tale of Love and Triumph over Alzheimer’s Disease
  • A Tool for Ministers, Caregivers, Social Workers, Medical Professionals, and Family Members of All Ages
Get your own copy as a gift for someone or for yourself.

Note: Stacie Ruth would be honored to sign your copy upon request.