Unite the USA

Media Appearances

Stacie and Carrie have been featured by:

  • FOX News
  • The Mike Huckabee Show 
  • American Family Radio
  • Wallbuilders Live!
  • Newsmax
  • CBN News
  • Point of View
  • And many more


Stacie Stoelting on the Jayne Carroll Show

Carrie and Stacie on American Family Radio's Focal Point with Bryan Fischer

Stacie and Carrie were guests on NewsmaxTV's The Steve Malzberg Show.

Stacie and Carrie share on "Today's Issues" on American Family Radio

 Watch Carrie & Stacie's new music video of "In God We Still Trust"!

On The Mike Huckabee Show, the Stoeltings talked about censorship that occurred on social media.