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News: Stacie and Carrie on Mike Huckabee's Radio Show

Stacie and Carrie Stoelting will be guests on The Mike Huckabee Show on November 21. Mike Huckabee's radio show The Mike Huckabee Show is now broadcast on 190 stations in 44 states. He is the author of numerous books, the most recent being Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett. Huckabee was governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007. He was also a 2008 presidential candidate and he is currently the host of national TV and radio shows.

On The Mike Huckabee Show, the Stoelting’s talked about recent censorship that occurred on social media regarding posts about Israel. Listen to their interview with Governor Huckabee here.

As the founders of UnitetheUSA.org, they are on a mission to share about faith and freedom in a fresh way. With their positive message and outreach of truth with love seems to be striking a chord: Stacie and Carrie's cumulative social media audience now exceeds 20,000, they’ve appeared on Fox News, and the sisters continue to see many hurting people get help via their www.PrayingPals.org and radio program.