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America, Arise!

Announcing America, Arise!


Our country's in trouble. Troops and veterans deserve better. And patriots want to take action and say, "What can we do?" Well, in response we wrote a book called America, Arise.

Americans must take positive action for our country to rise up and soar again. America, Arise is a "take positive patriotic action" tool! With 101 ways to take action now, this special e-book 2012 Election Edition overflows with ways to stand up for our military, families, freedoms, and faith.

Proceeds directly help Unite the USA. We appreciate your support. We can't do this without you. Together, we can make a positive impact on America.

The official release of the book will be in January through a division of Thomas Nelson, but we hope that you enjoy this special Election Edition e-book now. With God's help, America CAN soar again!

Stay strong in Christ,
Carrie and Stacie
Founder of Unite the USA









Fox News called Stacie & Carrie Stoelting "young leaders of the post-9/11 generation" because they educate, activate, and motivate fellow patriots of faith and freedom. As Christian recording artists, they love God and country...without apology! Now these sisters from Iowa will honor troops, equip citizens, and share hope in God through their latest release! Learn more at www.unitetheusa.org!



A killing poison of apathy courses through the veins of our country's eagle. She's still flying, but her wings burn from fatigue. Her wings look almost normal, but the reality threatens: She could fall unless we rise to pray and work for her return to greatness.

You see, America's moral debt exceeds that of our national debt. In a nutshell, here's what we mean: Disinviting God invites immorality. Immorality invites apathy. Apathy invites anarchy. Anarchy allows for autocracy. And autocracy annihilates a country.

Yes, we're at war. It's invisible, and highly divisible. It's a spiritual war. This is about good vs. evil. It's about the moral conditions and overall health of our nation.

We may shock you. You may dismiss us as "alarmists" or make fun of us. But we'll tell you the truth anyway: America must wake up or else she will suffer a wound worse than 9/11/01. A self-formed storm so cataclysmic, a suicidal attack so fatal could take down our gorgeous country.

The battle rages -whether you look or not. And the war includes you -whether you like it or not.

As members of the post-9/11 generation, we find ourselves particularly awakened to the fact that time is short and action is needed. So we prayerfully and optimistically started UnitetheUSA.org. With thousands of members across the country, Unite the USA exists to promote positive patriotism, encourage conservative standards, honor veterans, give a voice to the poor and afflicted, and to fully apply "in God we trust" to daily life. As a Christian web site, Unite the USA encourages Americans to unite in the fight for our rights - especially Christian rights such as returning God to the public square. We hope to activate the post-9/11 generation to become positive patriots of faith!

As the founders of Unite the USA, we are prayerfully working hard to inspire the American people -who are the heart of our country- to be active, informed citizens. (Each month, articles by people like Phyllis Schlafly, Star Parker, and Rick Santorum, action points, and resources are featured. Sign up for our free monthly e-edition.) Learn how to change America and return her to her roots of freedom, faith, and family.

Today, when headlines and difficulties discourage us, remember there is hope in Christ and there is hope for America. Never stop fighting for justice and freedom. We are still one nation under God.

Join us as we unite the USA in a fight for our eagle's return to greatness. May our book inspire you to do your part to defend and preserve America - and help her soar again.