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Endorsements for Stacie and Carrie's latest album, In God We Still Trust! 


I encourage each of you to listen to Carrie and Stacie’s new album In God We Still Trust. As someone who has heard them sing live on multiple occasions, I can say their renditions of these patriotic songs will inspire you and reaffirm in each of us what it means to be an American.

I applaud their efforts to record an album that seeks to reinvigorate patriotism and faith in God in America. At a time when many of our nation’s traditions are forgotten, this album reminds us about the greatness of our country and why we must steadfastly protect the traditions we hold dear.

Rick Santorum
(Presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator)
“I fully endorse the ministry of Carrie and Stacie Ruth Stoelting and the In God We Still Trust project. These two young ladies love God, love their country and are gifted with song and message that will encourage and inspire anyone who has a chance to hear them.”
- Tim Wildmon (President of the American Family Association and American Family Radio)
"Carrie Beth  & Stacie Ruth are a great example of the leadership their generation has to offer America. Their new release, In God We Still Trust, captures  just the kind of patriotism and love of American values that we must have if freedom is to be preserved."
Rick Green of Wallbuilders
“It is refreshing to see two sisters from the heartland so passionate in their music about love for God and country.  We all need to be refreshed and inspired, and their music stirs the soul and lifts the spirit!  I wish Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth great success in their ministry and musical careers.”
- Asa Hutchinson (Former Congressman and member of the Bush administration)
"These two women are an inspiration to Americans across our great country. Their patriotic renditions of these familiar songs will lift your hearts to give glory to God and country and will serve as a reminder of the daily sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform and their families."
- Chuck Grassley (U.S. Senator of Iowa)
"When Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth sing, you hear their voices resonate with love for God and country. They understand faith and freedom make America great.  You will not only love their music, but embrace their mission.”
- Ralph Reed (Founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition)
“Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting are two sisters from Iowa who love America. As passionate patriots and recording artists, they are determined to bring faith in God and patriotism to our nation’s forefront. Their latest album, In God We Still Trust, is complete with powerful, heart-stirring songs that will make any American feel proud.”
- Former Congressman Bob McEwen 
“Carrie Beth and Stacie Ruth Stoelting are wonderful young leaders who combine their powerful message with youthful vigor and energy.  Their heartfelt and heart-warming music strikes a patriotic chord that’s both infectious and inspirational. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”
- Congressman Tom Latham (Iowa)
"I so enjoy, respect and proudly endorse the creative efforts of Carrie Beth and Stacie Ruth......  I love these girls..... I love their music and I love their hearts...... This project will make us ALL  better Americans and better Christians."
- Joe Bonsall  (Oak Ridge Boys singer and author) 
"Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth are truly gifts from God who inspire, encourage and bring the fresh wind of His Grace into the lives of those who hear them sing sacred and patriotic songs. From the evidence of the impact and influence that they have had so far, they are highly commended and appreciated. As publisher of MOVIEGUIDE(r) and Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission (tm), I applaud them!"
- Ted Baehr (Chairirman of the Christian Film & Television Commission and publisher of MovieGuide)
"Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth have been richly blessed by God with the gift of music. They are sharing their gift and their strong faith with others and giving back by encouraging patriotic love of country. They express their faith in God and love of America in a beautiful way. These lovely sisters deeply appreciate the service and sacrifice of veterans and their families, and they are using their gift to return thanks." 
- Jodi Tymeson, Brigadier General (Ret.)  
"Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting are two sisters with a mission. Through their album, In God We Still Trust, Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth sing to the heart of America. Its primary purpose is to reinvigorate patriotism and faith in God in the United States. With powerful, heart-stirring songs, In God We Still Trust will make you feel proud to be an American like never before."
- Dr. Jerry Newcombe (Coral Ridge Ministries)
“I am writing to offer you my sincere congratulations for completing your latest recording project, In God We Still Trust. You have both been blessed with tremendous singing talent, and I am pleased to see that you have chosen to use your talent on an album that promotes the traditional American values of patriotism and faith in God. . . . Having been impressed by Stacie’s rendition of the National Anthem in the past, I certainly look forward to listening to In God We Still Trust upon its release. . .”
- Steve King (U.S. Congressman of Iowa)
"I have felt inspired when I've heard Stacie Ruth and Carrie sing at several events. Now, I am excited about their album, In God We Still Trust . It is an album with a vision to promote patriotism, faith, and freedom in America. Don't miss out on their message and music. You will feel inspired!"
- Bob Vander Plaats (President and CEO of the FAMiLY LEADER)