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Register to Vote

Do your part and vote! Click here and make sure that you are registered to vote for the next election. Use the voter look-up tool and the register to vote section to make sure that you are ready to exercise your right to vote.

Helpful Tools

There are many organizations that offer excellent tools to stay informed and make a difference. Here are a few we support:

American Family Association
Eagle Forum
Liberty Counsel
National Right to Life
Patriot Voices
Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network
Truth In Action

ABCs of Patriotism

Don’t get down on our country. Look up! Some say our country’s downturn feels like a David and Goliath situation. But remember: With God's help, David won! It is amazing what the average American can accomplish for their country.

Want some practical tips? Here you go: It’s as simple as the ABC’s.

A: Act. Don't just talk. Act. Have your own prayer meetings before attending town hall meetings, always vote - even in primaries and mid-term elections, and call/write your Congressman about your concerns. Educate your children about the Christian history of American government. (Through education, you will discover more ways to make your voice heard.) Be aware of the news and be involved in influencing policies (the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel also help people stay alert.)

B: Be bold (and respectful). Contact legislators and be ready to express your position while backing it up with facts, respectful firmness, and faith.

C: Connect. Connect with your Congressmen and women enough that they know your name. Often, their offices correspond more than you'd expect! Meet your representatives in person and establish a rapport. And, of course, one option is to connect with them on Facebook and share with your friends via such posts. (Facebook has its disadvantages, but one advantage is to network with fellow conservatives and stay alert to goings on that the secular media ignore. For example, our FB page, Unite the USA, includes original Founding Fathers' quotes, Scripture, prayer, action alerts, info on other pro-family/pro-faith sites. )

Young People Become Voters

Young people become voters. How can families educate and encourage their kids to be active citizens? We advocate the below tips:

1. Encourage young people to talk with veterans and learn about their experiences and sacrifices on the battlefield and home front. If America’s youth would gain an understanding about the great sacrifices made to keep them free, they would appreciate our country and our veterans.

2. Educate the young people in your life about the wealth of opportunities and advantages that are available in America. Watch documentaries about third world countries and countries under tyrannical law. Or, if possible, visit a less privileged country. That way, America’s youth will value freedom and opportunities in a new way.

3. Have young people visit historical landmarks. It will make America’s history ‘come to life”. That way, they will appreciate our nation’s heritage on a personal level.

4. Encourage young people to read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Explain the meaning of each document and allow them to appreciate the documents for themselves.

5. Help America’s youth become active citizens. Show them how they can make a difference in America. Educate the young people in your life about government practices and take them to political meetings and to your State Capitol.