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October Edition: Voting: It's Not an Option - It's a Must!

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"Voting: It's Not an Option - It's a Must!"

 By Stacie Ruth Stoelting

Flying to D.C. to sing, I visited with a passenger not much younger than I: A high school senior, who had been selected to represent students in her state, conversed with us at rapid-fire speed. Suddenly, we started talking U.S. History.

She dropped open her lip glossed mouth. Why? We told her some basic things about our beautiful country. We felt like dropping our mouths open, too: She honestly never knew some of the amazing, basic facts of our country!  In her case, ignorance played the starring role in her response. But many people simply don't care. (Apathy elicits no sympathy from me.)

Over 1 million cast votes last week...for "Dancing with the Stars." Yet millions of people toss aside their right to vote for leaders who could control their lives.

Let's get this straight: Not voting is still voting. Not voting empowers an extreme minority to rule a majority. Think about it: If one doesn't express one's preference, one welcomes deference.

My sister, Carrie Beth, and I sing patriotic Christian songs for conservative luminaries ranging from the most-decorated living veteran, Colonel Bud Day, to national leaders like Sarah Palin and Huckabee.  (Lately, we've sung in Iowa for our home state's gubernatorial race. As an Iowan, I support the pro-life gubernatorial candidate, former Governor Terry Branstad, and pro-life lieutenant gubernatorial candidate, Kim Reynolds.)  In other words, Carrie and I are pumped for Godly leadership for Election Day 2010 (and 2012, of course!).

We're pumped for patriotic action in America. Are you? Consider the V.O.T.E.R. points:

1.   View the country from an eagle's eye and not from a feelings-only, close-range perspective. If we don't risk hurting misguided people's feelings, we risk hurting our country. Hurting our country would be far worse for everyone than temporary discomfort when sharing about your candidates.

2. Overcome apathy. An active minority overtakes an inactive majority. Today, apathy runs rampant. Some Christians snivel, cross their arms, and refuse to cast votes for less than ideal candidates. "Why vote when my first choice didn't make it?" People depend on others to stand up for their values. Yet, if everyone thought that way, no one would stand and the country would fall.

·         Research the candidates. Who is pro-life, pro-elderly, and pro-small government? Learn more about candidates and their stances by reading a scorecard at the Faith and Freedom site. (I think it's a great organization. In fact, Carrie and I sang for Ralph Reed this year. He's a very capable leader.)

·         Employ the "friendly, firm, and fair" logic when conveying why you want other people to vote for your candidate.

·         Pray before you vote. Then pray for fellow voters. And pray for all candidates -even those of the opposition. (Changed hearts equal changed votes.)

·         Put up signs in your yard, on Facebook and Twitter, on your car, etc. And actually talk about it. (Again, fear of getting unfriendly responses only increases our country's chances to fall and fail.)

3.   Temper your temper. Discover the sweetness of rational, educational discussion.

4.   Energize your friends, co-workers, grocery store clerks, etc. Positive, respectful persuasion quickly ripples thru a nation until it builds into a wave!

5.   Refuse fear. Silent conservatives, let's emerge from shyness and politely, positively vocalize truth. Frankly, a fear of hurting feelings hurts our country.

Apathy felled Rome. So stand up for Biblical values in America, your home. Don't discount the value of your vote when the votes are counted.

"Vote." Yes, it's a four-letter word. But so is "love." If you love America, you'll vote. It's that simple. Vote pro-life, pro-elderly, and pro-limited government!

By the way, my sister and I eventually heard from the high school senior. I'm hopeful that she's going to start heading in the right direction. Remember: If we pray and obey, God hears and draws near. Let's do that this fall. Let's vote!

Again, changed hearts equal changed votes. Let's draw near to God now. I'll let His Word have the final word: "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful"(Colossians 3:15, NIV). If you don't know God's peace, get to know Jesus for yourself here.

Faith and Freedom

By Kathi Macias 

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions,and gi ving of thanks be made for...all who are in authority.... For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior... (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

            As I received another stack of political ads in the mail and answered more phone calls that turned out to be pre-recorded pitches for a particular candidate, then flipped on the TV and sighed at yet another bashing of one candidate or another in an effort to sway votes in the opposite direction, I found myself thinking, I'll be so glad when this election is over!

            Then I remembered the great price that was paid by so many to ensure me the right to cast my vote, and I repented. I remembered too the scriptural exhortation to pray for our leaders-ALL of them! Regardless of who is in office, there will always be those who are displeased with their performance. If that describes us as believers, then once again we need to repent.

            Rather than complain about our political leaders, the Bible tells us we are to be praying for them-regularly and without regard to their actions or stands on various issues. How much more vital is it to do so as elections near! Whether you live in America or in another country where you may or may not have a say in who governs, you can pray for those who are already in office, as well as those who will soon be there because, ultimately, God is in control and places those in authority according to His purpose.

            Are we "praying the vote" as elections draw near? Are we daily praying for those who are in authority over us, or are we wasting our time complaining about them? As temporary citizens of our earthly country and forever citizens of God's Kingdom, we are called to be obedient and pray.

Vote on Tuesday, November 2!
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