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October Edition: Reduce Healthcare Red Tape

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Bill Frist: Reduce Healthcare Red Tape
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About the Author
Ronald Kessler is an American journalist and author. He is chief Washington, D.C. correspondent of the conservative news and commentary blog Newsmax.com. Recently, his book In the President's Secret Service was released. Visit http://www.ronaldkessler.com/.

About Senator Frist
Doctor and Senator Bill Frist is both a nationally recognized heart and lung transplant surgeon and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader. Currently Professor of Business and Medicine at Vanderbilt University, he is uniquely qualified to discuss the challenges and solutions in health care policy. Senator Frist is consistently recognized among the most influential leaders in American healthcare and is one of only two individuals to rank in the top ten of each of the five inaugural Modern Healthcare Magazine annual surveys of the most powerful people in healthcare in the United States. Senator Frist's latest book A Heart to Serve: The Passion to Bring Health, Home, and Healing is an inspirational treatise of channeling one's passions to serve others through medicine, politics, and global health. 

How would you like bureaucracy to bully or bury your loved ones? Now is the time to be proactive and protective: Please click here to learn how you can help stop the current healthcare bill from being passed.
Healthcare reform dominates debate and national news. True, our current healthcare system must improve. However, the current healthcare bill goes way beyond reform: It's a complete reconstruction. It's socialism!  No one likes that...unless you like premature death, long waiting periods to see a doctor, medicine and surgery rationalization, and ineffective treatments. (All occur in socialized medicine in Canada, the U.K., etc.) 

This month's edition of Unite the USA features an interview with Senator Bill Frist. As a cardiologist and humanitarian, Senator Frist holds a unique perspective on healthcare reform. In America, all people deserve efficient and effective healthcare. However, government managed healthcare is not the solution. Canada and the UK have socialized medicine and patients have heavily felt the consequences.
But there's hope! With hard work, determination, and God's help, we will win.
May God bless America,
Carrie and Stacie Stoelting


Bill Frist: Reduce Healthcare Red Tape
By Ronald Kessler

If you've ever wondered what your doctor thinks of the healthcare debate, Bill Frist provides the next best thing in his new book, "A Heart to Serve: The Passion to Bring Health, Hope, and Healing." As a heart and lung transplant surgeon, he has lived the issue - and also happens to be the former Republican Senate majority leader.

In a Newsmax interview, Frist paints a nuanced portrait. Saying some aspects of the healthcare apparatus are . . .
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