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May Edition: Be a Beyond Me Citizen

Unite the USA!
A succession of sighs escaped the downturned lips of "Joe." He felt like our country was beyond repair. I started to see his dark cloud float closer to my head and heart. But I asked God to blow it away.
I didn't need rain on my patriotic parade.
Have you, like Joe, felt raindrops on your patriotism? Many notice a bubbling rage and/or depression-induced apathy seeping through the seams of the conservative Christian movement.
Although terrible news fills the headlines, Good News fills our hearts. Let's act like it and enact our talk with a confident-in-Christ, loving but firm walk. 
Could you pass this issue of Unite the USA to your friends? 
Think of it: We're on the winning team. We know we'll win in the end. We have nothing to lose and Heaven to gain!
Would you like to transform from a sincere citizen into a passionate patriot? 
Let's fight and beam light while we can. Look up and take heart! Read on and pass it on.
God bless America,
Stacie and Carrie Stoelting
Are You a Beyond-Me Citizen?
By Kathi Macias

The late President John F. Kennedy is famous for having said in his inaugural address, "Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country."

Though he may not have been familiar with the specific term, the newly elected president was, in effect, calling on us as Americans to become "beyond me" citizens who, rather than limiting our efforts to our own immediate concerns, instead willingly give of ourselves to better our country. Sadly, since that frigid day in January 1961, many of us have ignored President Kennedy´s wise advice and have drifted in the opposite direction, ever polishing and honing our "what can the government do for me" attitude.

How has that happened? And what is a "beyond me" citizen? The answers to those two questions go hand in hand.

A "beyond me" citizen understands that our country was established to afford freedom of choice to those who live here; however, with that freedom comes responsibility. Because this country, in the words of another late president, was established as a "government of the people, by the people, for the people," then "we the people" must govern accordingly.

As in any governing body, whether a family or a nation, if those who govern (and in America that includes all citizens, not just those elected or appointed officials on the Hill or in the White House or in judicial chambers) do so with selfish motives, the health of the entire governed body will suffer. If the children within a family do nothing but stomp their feet and demand their "rights" (whether real or imagined), while refusing to contribute to the overall welfare of the household, that family is in serious trouble, regardless of how deeply the parents may love those children. And if parents reward those tantrums and enable that sort of behavior, the family is doomed.

I came of age during a time when everyone was marching for their rights, burning flags, and denouncing the very ones who were doing their best to be "beyond me" citizens (at times even giving their lives) to protect those rights. I was in danger of getting caught up in that sort of thinking myself until I noticed that no one seemed to be marching for and demanding their responsibilities. It was a watershed moment for me, as I realized I could remain a selfish, immature child for the rest of my life, throwing tantrums and expecting others to clean up my messes, or I could take a deep breath, square my shoulders, and find out what I could do to help. In other words, I came to the point of deciding whether I wanted to remain part of the problem or become part of the solution.

That was probably one of my first revelations that life really wasn´t all about me. It was a lesson I had to learn many times over the years-and still do!-but it was one that would serve me well, as I began to understand the need to be a "point of light" in the darkness, rather than another voice denouncing that darkness but doing nothing to dispel it.

President Kennedy had it right. As citizens who love this country, we need to stop focusing on "me"-my rights, my needs, my desires-and move beyond that to become a part of something much larger and nobler than anything we can ever achieve in our own limited scope of existence. And it all begins and ends with asking ourselves what we can do for someone else-whether one solitary individual, or an entire nation.
From a Reader . . .
Here is a sample from an article submitted from Unite the USA member, Kasey Harris of Texas. Thank you for your contribution, Kasey! "We are blessed to live in a country where we have a voice to speak out against abortion or gay agendas which affect all of God's creation. We should be voicing our opposition towards evil and decline of morality. Write letters in support of moral agendas to your Congress people.  Be present in civic hearings that fight against abortion clinics.  Find worthy causes online and support them financially. . .  I pray that our country does not fall victim to doing the same thing by returning evil for evil. 1 Peter 3:8-9." 
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Are You a Beyond-Me Citizen?
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5 Steps to Transform into a
Proud Patriot!
1. Read about our country's history. Most Americans know very little about our country's fascinating history. Check a good American history book from the library or read about our country online. Wall Builders is an excellent web site about our history and Christian heritage.
2. Watch national news.Having had friends at Fox News and CBN, we favor watching clips online at their sites: Fox News and CBN News.
3. Always vote. Erase apathy from your vocabulary. Exercise your right to vote. Voting does make a difference!
4. Learn the words to the "Star Spangled Banner."
5. Pray for our country and its leaders! When hearts change, new policies follow.

About the Author

Kathi Macias is an award-winning author and speaker, with more than 20 books to her credit. View Kathi´s website
www.kathimacias.com  to learn more about this exceptional author and her many excellent books.

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