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Abortion: Where Is America's Conscience?

At the end February the U.S. Senate tragically rejected the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Almost all Republicans -with the exception of Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)- voted for a ban of late-term abortion. Two Democratic Sens. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) voted to ban late-term abortion. Next, all Republicans and the aforementioned two Democratic U.S. Senators voted to provide care for abortion survivors rather than leaving the babies to die without care. But the voting record stands: The majority of Democrats listened to their liberal extremist donors rather than voters, who vastly support such common sense measures.
This travesty is not a miscommunication-related mistake. They have done this multiple times over the years, yet this was especially blatantSuch calloused hearts! Where is America's conscience?
The Alarm for Independents, Democrats, Republicans, and All Americans

The alarm sounded for all moderates, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Libertarians, and independents when the Senate decided to reject these two key bills full of common sense and care for humanity. Suddenly, some people awakened to the reality that late-term abortion for convenience (not health problems) is far from a political issue: It's a power grab and a cover-up for abuse, murder, and harm of both women and children. This is not a political issue. It's a moral one:

  • Only seven countries allow late-term abortion for reasons of convenience (and not health-related issues). The United States along with Communist countries like China and North Korea allow elective abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and that's absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Abortion survivors include 143 reported by the CDC and 170 additional viable abortion survivors reported by the FRC.
  • Fetal pain is not debatable -especially at a certain point in gestation. According to myriad resources for surgeons performing fetal surgery, fetal surgery requires analgesia. No analgesia would be needed if fetal patients were incapable of pain, responsive movement, etc.
  • The reality is that saline abortion chemically burns the baby to death and forceps abortion kills the unborn child by tearing him apart. Abortion is heinous. Abortion must stop once and for all. Abortion is a violent procedure and not a peaceful option for mother or child. Frequently, mothers are misinformed, and minorities are targeted by the abortion industry, which garners immense revenue.
  • Unborn babies are human beings. It helps to put faces and names to numbers. You can see pictures of abortion survivors: Melissa Ohden, Josiah Presley, Claire Culwell, Nik Hoot, and Gianna Jessen all survived abortion and they are speaking out. Their stories are miraculous and powerful. They are living voices for the babies who did not survive.

Ellie and her mother
The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would have protected preborn children in the U.S. from abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. During the 2020 State of the Union Address, President Trump honored two-year-old Ellie Schneider who was born at just 21 weeks. She is a beautiful little girl with curly light brown hair and is recognized as one of the youngest babies to survive in the United States. Friends, think about that fact: Ellie was born early at 21 weeks and she is thriving now. She is a living illustration of the humanity of a baby at approximately 20 weeks old. Under the law now, she could have been legally killed one week earlier at 20 weeks.
The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was just four votes away from moving to final vote. This bill would have mandated that babies born alive after attempted abortions cannot be left to suffer and die or be killed outside the womb. Both scenarios should pierce our hearts with grief and outrage. And yet certain U.S. Senators voted against the bill and precious babies' blood is on their hands.
"...As I recently testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, infants are indeed being born alive after botched abortions. We have documented over 300 cases of such infants, and yet Congress has still failed to adequately protect them," said Patrina Mosley of the Family Research Council.
Lila Rose of Live Action said it well, "A child's age, level of dependency, or location doesn't change her humanity. She is a human at every stage of development."

Abortion takes the life of an innocent child and harms the mother. In fact, it is under-reported that abortion threatens and actually takes women's lives. 
Pray for abortion to stop. Vote for leaders who defend life. Let's work hard to protect life and end abortion once and for all. And let's support leaders who take action to protect life. We are grateful for courageous pro-life leaders like U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst (from our home state of Iowa) and President Trump (who has done more for the cause than previous presidents). Please pray for them as they carry the torch in the fight for life.
Americans must learn to make voting decisions not on verbiage, but on actions. Some people sound fantastic yet do horrific things. Others blunder over and over in their words and yet do amazing things. And then there are the ones who actually match their good words with good works. (They are very special leaders!) Please check the records instead of the commercial recordings. The lives of your fellow Americans depend on it.
Until every American has a birthday, may we passionately continue to pray, vote, and speak out.
Shared with God's love for every American,
Stacie and Carrie

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Abortion Survivor Stories
Abortion Survivors Tell Their Stories Part 1 - Claire Culwell and Melissa Ohden
Abortion Survivors Claire Culwell and Melissa Ohden Tell Their Stories. Watch this insightful 2019 interview. It will make an impact on you life.  

This Month's Bible Verse

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."  Psalm 139:14
Featured Quote 


"Senate Democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children. The Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don't mind executing babies AFTER birth. This will be remembered as one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress. If there is one thing we should all agree on, it's protecting the lives of innocent babies."
-President Donald Trump

They Are Real: Meet Born-Alive Abortion Survivors
By Chloe Kilano 

Gianna Jessen 
Gianna Jessen
 had been in her mother's womb for 7 months when her mother went to a Planned Parenthood, where she was told to have a late-term saline abortion. A saline abortion, also known as an instillation abortion, takes place as follows:

A saline solution (which includes substances such as saline, digoxin, potassium chloride, and prostaglandin) is injected into the mother's uterus and into the baby. The saline solution poisons the baby, burning him or her inside and out, and burning off the outer layer of his or her skin. The baby suffers in these conditions for over an hour until he or she dies, and the mother must deliver her dead child after about one day.

Gianna Jessen survived her mother's late-term, saline abortion.

She remained in the saline solution and was delivered alive in the abortion clinic. Thankfully, the abortionist at the clinic was not yet present, and Jessen was sent to the hospital.

Jessen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to the lack of oxygen during the abortion procedure. But, by age four, Jessen was walking with the assistance of a walker, leg braces, and her foster mother. Today, Jessen walks with only a small limp. She acts as a voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless through her pro-life activism.

"Death did not prevail over me... and I am so thankful!" Gianna Jessen proclaims.

Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen shares her story.
Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen shares her story.

Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden's mother was a 19-year-old college student when she found out she was pregnant. Under the impression she was less than five months pregnant, Ohden's biological mother had a saline abortion. Ohden survived the abortion, and was found to be approximately seven months gestation.

Ohden was adopted, and grew up in a happy, loving family. At just 14 years of age, she would find out something that would forever change her: she survived an abortion procedure. This prompted Ohden to search for her biological parents, whom she has contacted and forgiven for attempting to abort her.

Today, Ohden is a well-known pro-life activist and the founder of the Abortion Survivors Network, which seeks to educate the public about failed abortions and survivors while providing emotional, mental, and spiritual support to abortion survivors. Today, ASN has reached over 210 abortion survivors.

"Something's wrong when women's empowerment is based on ending another human being's life," Melissa Ohden states.

Melissa Ohden tells her story of surviving abortion and beyond.
Melissa Ohden tells her story of surviving abortion and beyond.

Claire Culwell

Clare Culwell's birth-mother, Tonya Glasby, was 13 years old when she found out she was pregnant. Her parents pressured her into an abortion, and five months into her pregnancy, she chose abortion. However, the doctors did not know Tonya was pregnant with twins, and only aborted one of the babies. Culwell remained alive in her mother's womb.

After her abortion, Tonya continued to feel kicking; she realized she was still pregnant. She traveled to another state to have another abortion, but doctors deemed the procedure too risky.

Clare Culwell was born at seven months gestation with dislocated hips and club feet. Despite the obstacles she faced on account of the abortion, Culwell thrived from a young age. At age 20, Culwell began to look for her birth-mother, and found her at a friend's house. She shared memories of her childhood with her birth-mother, forgave her, and thanked her for sparing her life.

"This is what it looks like to survive an abortion. My hips were dislocated, I had club feet, and I was in body casts to correct what the abortion had done. But I still deserved to live," Claire Culwell explains.

 Claire Culwell survived abortion. Here's her story.
Claire Culwell survived abortion. Here's her story.

Josiah Presley
A woman in South Korea was two months pregnant with Josiah Presley, when she decided to have an abortion. A short time after the procedure, she realized that she was still pregnant: the abortion was unsuccessful. At that time, she decided that she would choose life for her baby and give him up for adoption.

Josiah Presley was born with a maimed left arm as a result of the abortion his birth-mother had. He was adopted by a loving family in the United States. He later found out that his birth-mother attempted to abort him, sparking some hatred in his heart for her. He was later able to grow in a relationship with the Lord, enabling him to forgive his birth mother for all that she did.

"What makes [preborn children] different from us besides the fact that they are innocent and can't defend themselves against these huge abortion bullies killing them," Josiah asks.

Josiah Presley tells how he survived abortion
Josiah Presley tells how he survived abortion

Nik Hoot
In 1996 in Siberia, Russia, Nik Hoot's mother chose abortion when she was 24 weeks pregnant, and Hoot was born missing parts of both legs and not having fully developed fingers. His parents, Marvin and Apryl Woodburn, came to adopt him after being told by a priest that they "have to respect all forms of life, even those with disabilities."

At just two years old, Hoot was given his first pair of prosthetic legs. After just a couple of weeks, he was walking around on his own. He developed a love for sports and played football, baseball, basketball, and today, is a wrestling star. He persevered through his disability.

Hoot ended his previous wrestling season with 24 wins - even without all of his limbs. Hoot serves as an inspiration to many of us; if he can accomplish so much, while missing limbs, there is no limit to what anyone can do, despite the obstacles they may face.

"There are some things I can't do, but I'll still try, I'll learn how to do it," Nik Hoot says.

Survivors of abortion are vital to the message of the pro-life movement: they prove that all life, born and preborn, must be respected. They affirm that all children deserve the right to live, and must be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. We will never forget the 60 million children who have been lost to abortion and the 44 Senators who voted to allow children born after abortions to die.

Abortion survivor Nik Hoot tells his story.
Abortion survivor Nik Hoot tells his story.

If you are pregnant and are considering abortion, I ask you to recognize how precious your little baby is through the testimonies of these five abortion survivors.

If you are in need of assistance, click here to find your nearest crisis pregnancy center or direct message Human Defense Initiative on social media. You are not alone.

Action Points to Save Babies from Abortion

1. If you are pregnant and need help, please call CareNet at 1-800-395-HELP. You can be connected with pregnancy center in your area where you can receive support. Remember... God loves you and your baby too!
2. Learn how mother and baby can get in touch with pro-life Women's Centers to learn about their options and get the support they need to make a decision in favor of life! Call: 1-800-848-LOVE.
3. Guilt? Anger? Depression? The resources here will help those of you suffering from post-abortion stress syndrome (PASS ) to find hope and healing. Call: 1-800-5-WE-CARE.
4. Keith and Melody Green's ministry (Last Days Ministries) has an excellent pro-life section on the web site. Please click here to learn about abortion and what you can do.
5. Talk to your kids and grandkids about the sanctity of life. Public schools, colleges, and universities are constantly teaching that abortion is OK. The kids in your life need your support to keep them focused on the value of life and the reasons why abortion is wrong.
6 . Support ministries that aid teenage mothers. Examples include Bethany Christian ServicesBirthright InternationalCareNetChristian Life Resources, and Life Dynamics. Donate time, money to Christian ministries, and help dissuade potential mothers from having abortions.

7. Contact your Congressmen and state legislators and urge them support anti-abortion legislation. Click here to find your state legislators. Click here to find contact information for your Congressmen. 

8. Write letters to the editor. Make your voice heard about your pro-life position. Explain why abortion is wrong.

9. Vote for pro-life candidates. Research and support proven anti-abortion candidates. Help elect pro-life men and women to office.

10. Pray for our politicians and that Roe v. Wade will be repealed. Pray for the mothers whose hearts were broken by abortion. Pray for families whose tables are not as full as a result of abortion. Prayer is powerful!

11. Support ministries and organizations that are bravely fighting to stop abortion and to protect all life. Here are a few worthy pro-life groups worth your attention: National Right to LifeJohn Paul II Medical Research InstituteEmbryo Adoption ServicesSusan B. Anthony ListAlliance Defending FreedomPriests for LifeAnd Then There Were None, and many more.

12. Remember that innocent, unborn children are depending on you to give them a voice. Cry out for the babies that never cry!

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