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April Edition: Paul Revere, Jonathan Trumbull, and You

Left to Right: Stacie Ruth & Carrie Beth
Before Revere's ride, the people chose to revere God in prayer.

Brave men and women of faith fill the pages of U.S. History. The power of prayer in the face of tremendous adversity fueled the colonies to survive and thrive in the days of our nation's formation. 

While excluded from secular textbooks, the reality of irreplaceable movements of prayer preceded victories of freedom for our country: Days of prayer and fasting were of great importance to our founders and colonists. They regularly sought the Lord for His guidance, protection, and help. 

For example, during the early days of the Revolution, Jonathan Trumbull served as governor of Connecticut. Interestingly, Governor Trumbull was also an ordained minister who provided great support to then-General George Washington. Conflict escalated between England and the colonies: About one month before the Battle of Lexington, Governor Jonathan Trumbull began considering what he and his state could do to help. 

In March of 1775, his determined course of action was to call upon the colony to observe a day of public fasting and prayer. This time of prayer cleared the path for Paul Revere's famous ride the following month.

Governor Trumbull prayed "...that God would graciously pour out His Holy Spirit on us, to bring us to a thorough repentance and effectual reformation;...That He would restore, preserve, and secure the liberties of this, and all the other American Colonies, and make this land a mountain of holiness and habitation of righteousness forever....That God would preserve and confirm the union of the colonies in the pursuit and practice of that religion and virtue which will honor Him."

This movement of prayer helped prepare the way for Paul Revere's ride and the subsequent decisive victory of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which was fought on April 19, 1775 (the first military battles of the War of Independence). 

Indeed, April 18, 1775 was an important day in our history. It was on that day that Paul Revere famously rode to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were preparing to attack. In order to complete this harrowing effort, Paul Revere had to row across a river to Charlestown and evade a British warship! He then borrowed a horse from a friend and bravely rode into the night. This was no easy feat. (Understatement.)

While he narrowly avoided being captured by the British, he continued to sound the alarm. With God's help, Revere safely arrived to warn about the impending battle now known as the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

What would have happened if Governor Trumbull and the colonists had not been united in prayer before such importance events occurred? What would have happened if Paul Revere had not completed his ride? We believe that there would not have been the positive outcome that we celebrate today.

Now, on April 18, 2019, we need to be like Jonathan Trumbull and Paul Revere. We need to concertedly pray for our country and we need to sound the alarm about today's battles and threats to our freedoms.

Join us in praying for the United States. Pray often and sincerely for our country's future. Take action and be involved. Together we can make a difference.

Before Paul Revere rode, the people revered God in a movement of prayer. May we so revere God, love neighbor, and encourage our country to refocus on what is right and best for all.

God bless you,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Sisters and Founders of Unite the USA
Featured Quote

"Let us expect that God is going to use us. Let us have courage and go forward, looking to God to do great things." D.L. Moody
This Month's Bible Verse
"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is Him." -Jeremiah 17:7

This Month's History Video
David Barton, One Nation Under God
David Barton, One Nation Under God

In this video, American historian David Barton explains details of why the United States was founded as a Christian nation. The Bible strongly influenced our Founding Fathers and early history. The best of its laws and the birth of our nation are largely credited to Christian precepts.

Featured Founding Father
Jonathan Trumbull (October 12, 1710 to August 17, 1785) was the Governor of the Colony of Connecticut from 1769-1776 and the Governor of Connecticut from 1776-1784. Governor Trumbull was the only governor of an English colony to be on the side of the colonists. Due to his support of the colonies, he became the only colonial governor to remain in office throughout the War of Independence. Therefore, he became Connecticut's last colonial governor and its first state governor.

At the age of 13, Trumbull went to Harvard to study for the ministry where he earned his master's degree in 1730 and he was licensed by the Windham Association (of Congregational churches). Later, Trumbull studied law and began on a career in public service. On December 9, 1735, he married Faith Robinson and became the parents of six children.

In 1770, Jonathan Trumbull was elected governor of the colony of Connecticut. He supported the colonists through action and a call to prayer and fasting. As a close friend and adviser to George Washington, Governor Trumbull supplied about 60% of the manpower, food, clothing, shoes, and munitions for the Continental Army. George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, Rochambeau, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Generals Putnam and Knox are among those believed to have visited Trumbull at his home.

Operation: Honor Heroes

"Friends, next month is May and that means Memorial Day is almost here. It is an important time to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and died in the name of freedom. We encourage you to take part in honoring our heroes this Memorial Day through Operation Honor Heroes. Teach the kids in your life about the true meaning of Memorial Day and what our heroes have done for us. Yes, we live in the land of the free because of the brave. Now is the time to honor heroes. Now, today, and always. Will you join us?" 
                                                                                            -Carrie and Stacie

Operation Honor Heroes is a national effort to give tribute where tribute is due. Our outreach called Operation Honor Heroes is associated with Unite the USA. It has a two-fold mission: 

1. To honor and thank our veterans and their families  
2. To educate America's children on the work and sacrifices our veterans have done for us 

We would appreciate the opportunity to honor your loved ones who have served. We will post a picture and accompanying information on our web site and social media. Thank you so much! 
1. E-mail a picture of your loved one who served to info@unitetheusa.org
2. Include your loved one's name, military branch, rank, and years of service. 
3. Let us know if you would like other key information shared as well.


1. Let us help you honor the heroes in your life. 
If you have a loved one who served, send Stacie and Carrie his or her picture, name, military branch, rank to 
info@unitetheusa.org. Unite the USA will post the information online as a way to honor them. 
2. Be sure to set aside time to thank our heroes who are still living.
Thank them in person, on the phone, in a card, or through an e-mail.  

3. During the summer months, many veterans and servicemen and women march in local parades.
A good time to reach out and thank them is after the parade. Watch for their military distinctions on their jackets and hats. Just earnestly thank them. They will appreciate your  appreciation. 
4. Don't forget our hospitalized heroes or elderly veterans in nursing homes. 
Send a colorful card, send a gift, or stop by and visit.  Note: In God We Still Trust and Unite the USA make great gift ideas! :)  

5. Invite a veteran to dinner, send a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or order/deliver a meal for them. 
Take him or a her a gift. Just do something to show that you care and that you are grateful for their service.  

1. For starters, begin with the basics. Explain what a veteran is and what that means. Children's book on the subject can be helpful in the teaching process. Click here for children's book options that are about veterans and patriotism. Visit your local library for more ideas. 

2. Tell your kids about friends or family members who have served our country. Show them pictures to make it more real and meaningful.

3. Introduce your kids to veterans.
 If you have a friend or relative who served, make sure your child has the opportunity to meet him/her. 

4. Attend a parade together.
 Often veterans are honored in parades. Afterwards is a great time to meet and thank them. 

5. With your child, write a thank you card or color a picture to give to a veteran.
 It means so much to veterans to be remembered -especially by children...They are the future. 

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