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August Edition:7 Truths and Tips to Make America Godly  and Great  Again

Left to Right: Stacie Ruth & Carrie Beth
America Needs the Lord
7 Truths and Tips to Make America Godly 
and Great 

So, in case you haven't noticed, the coarsening of our culture has failed to improve life. (So-called modern morals only hearken to the forgotten, failed societies of centuries past.) The loving and protective commandments were given by God for a reason. (Major understatement.) Let's follow Him and not the cultural whim. Amen?

Even during horrendous tragedies and catastrophic events (i.e. in Texas), many Americans continue to share sarcastic memes and unkind comments which unveil ugly heart conditions. Oh, how it hurts our hearts to see! And can you imagine how it affects the heart of God?

Let's put it bluntly and Biblically: People desperately need Jesus. All of us. And we believers need to start sharing the Gospel more and more without feeling ashamed or like we need to make it hard. Here are 7 Truths and Tips to Make America Godly and Great Again:
  • Believe the Bible -Not the Media Bias. Often, certain media edit out Christian comments from inspirational news items. (We know it from experience: As authors and recording artists, we have been interviewed hundreds of times.) Just remember that God is still working. Mightily. And the Good News is spreading -whether in the news or not. Prayer is powerful. Christ remains King. Be encouraged! Many are serving Him with action. For example, we believe donating to Samaritans Purse is a wonderful way to partner with fellow Christians who are on-site helping Texas. (Go to https://www.samaritanspurse.org/disaster/hurricane-harvey/.) 
  • Live and Love Like Jesus, Who Remains with You. Feel alone in trying to make a difference? Or, worse yet, do you feel defeated? You're not alone. God is with you. And many believers are still making a difference in America. We need to remember that mega-good is done by countless true Christians who go unnoticed by the media. Remember: God knows who are His. And "...the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart" (I Samuel 16:7, AMP). We are so thankful for that fact! 
  • American Churches Need to "Be Real" without Making a Big Deal about Being Real. We're not pastors. But we are saved daughters of the King. Jesus saved us! And we're millennials who just want people to know Him, too. He is so good...beyond-description awesome! How could we not share about Him? We're not perfect, but He is! 

    So, as millennials who love Jesus (who first loved us), let us say it bluntly: Churches just need to share Jesus. Share the Gospel. They don't need to jazz up the message. They just need to share the message without messing around with it. The Gospel is more than enough. It's not about trying to act real or market it. It's about authenticity. It's about being real without making a big deal about being real. Loving God and loving others... 
  • Repentance from Sin (which always hurts us) and Acceptance of God's Son (who loves us and wants what is best for us). Repentance from sin and acceptance of God's Son must be shared without apology. We love our local church, and we really thank God for it. (We feel so blessed to grow in Christ there.) But there are other churches that need to return to sharing the Bible without apology. 
  • Apply the Word to the World and Not the World to the Word. As we've said before, it's time for America's churches to apply the Word to the world instead of the world to the Word. It's time to love God and love others with His love --regardless of whether they look different or are in an opposing party. (Remember that "love your enemies" part?) While never enabling evil, we must love others with His love. 
  • Come to Christ, Who Will Come Again. Instead of coming up with what feels good to believe, people need to know the truth about who God is: He is good, holy, true, all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent, and beyond-description loving. He is more than enough! And remember: He is coming again!
  • Only Jesus Can. Please, America, stop thinking it's good enough to come up with concepts that are just feel-good lies. Come to Christ, who loves you and died in your place so that you could be set free from death and the tyranny of sin. Good policies can help, but they certainly can't save us. Only Jesus can. "So repent [change your inner self-your old way of thinking, regret past sins] and return [to God-seek His purpose for your life], so that your sins may be wiped away [blotted out, completely erased], so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord [restoring you like a cool wind on a hot day];" (Acts 3:19, AMP). 
There. We said it. And we believe it. Let's live it!

God bless you always, 
Stacie Stoelting and Carrie Stoelting
Sisters and founders of
Unite the USA
My Hope, America
Billy Graham's message to America   
Featured Quote

"Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone --except God."

Rev. Billy Graham
This Month's Bible Verse

"Jesus answered him, 'Truly, truly, I say to you,
unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.'"
--John 3:3

What happened to repentance?
By Tim Wildmon

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 4:17)

I recently heard a very popular Christian speaker talk to a large audience for an hour. He said nothing heretical. He said nothing controversial. He just focused on the "unconditional" love of God. Again, nothing wrong with what he did say, but it is what he did not say that bothered me. He said nothing about repentance from sin. There is a reason Jesus said what He said in the above Bible verse. And there is a reason John the Baptist introduced Jesus to the world with the exact same proclamation in Matthew 3:2: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

There is a popular trend going on in the American Christian church. The trend is to talk of the love of God without talking about the justice of God. But if you read the Bible, it is clear. There exists both the grace of God and the wrath of God, and Jesus Christ spoke of both.

After watching Rev. Billy Graham's latest message to America recently, which was a call for individuals to turn from their sin and follow Jesus Christ, I commented to someone that Dr. Graham would not fill stadiums today with that message as he did for so many decades.

Today's most popular "evangelists" are those who tell people what God can do for them in terms of self-esteem, a better job, whiter teeth, etc. I'm not saying God doesn't bless people with these temporal things of life sometimes. I am saying that has nothing to do with the fundamentals and essentials of the Christian faith. The attempt is to try and attract people with the potential benefits of a relationship with God rather than attract them with what God requires of them such as righteousness, holiness, self-denial, sacrifice, etc. Try selling books with those words on the cover and see if Oprah Winfrey calls you for an interview.

It is true that God's love for mankind is unconditional. However, in order for man to be in right relationship with God, man must conform his life to match with God's requirement of man. And God does not force this decision on man. God draws a person to Himself, but it is the free will of the individual to decide if he or she will obey God's requirements for a right relationship.

Jesus called this experience being "born again." In other words, a person (every human) must understand that he or she has violated God's laws and is forever separated from God spiritually unless he or she repents of sin and trusts in the shed blood of Jesus on the cross for forgiveness of that sin in order to be counted among those who have been redeemed - redeemed from the consequences of unrepentant sin, which is death and hell.

What I am writing here is not popular in contemporary America, where we want to live our own lives without interference from God. It's our natural tendency to live for ourselves instead of obeying the commands of God. That is the ongoing struggle between flesh and spirit.

In order to demonstrate our love for Christ, He says we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross daily, and follow Him. Our "cross" is a challenge to wake up daily and try our best to live like Jesus. The way we learn to live like Jesus is to study the Bible, take time to pray, and fellowship with other believers. We call that "church."

God knows we will fail at this precisely because we are human. Sometimes we are tempted by sin and we give in to it. But the Bible also says that if we confess our sins to God, He is willing to forgive us. That is great news!

No one is compelled to believe this. You may read this and call it foolishness. That is your right. But if that is your view, I challenge you to read one book in the Bible - the Gospel of John - and consider the claims of the Bible and Christ before you dismiss Christianity.

About Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon is president of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR). AFA is a pro-family advocacy organization with over two million online supporters and approximately 150,000 subscribers to its monthly flagship publication the AFA Journal.

Tim is co-host of the national radio program Today's Issues, a daily discussion offering a Christian response to issues of the day; he is also co-host of Christian World View This Week, a weekly program discussing topics on social and political issues for Christians and how they can become involved. Both programs air on AFR stations across the country.
Tim graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in journalism. He and his wife Alison have three children. Learn more about him at www.afa.net. 
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