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March Edition: Why Should You Care About the U.S. Supreme Court?

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The UK is a friend of the USA. An ISIS terror attack on the UK should elicit our immediate prayers and support for the UK. 

We have been blessed to travel to the UK, and we have walked the streets of London and enjoyed tea at Parliament. Little wonder our hearts felt particularly pained by the news of the terror attack.

Action: We urge you to not promote the attackers but instead to honor the memories of victims. For instance, feel free to share the photo below on social media and honor the memory of our fellow American who perished. Please pray for his family, and for all hurting as a result of this tragedy.

Why Should You Care About Neil Gorsuch?
Grassley on the Judiciary Committee's Hearing for the Supreme Court Nominee
Checks and Balances:Grassley on the Judiciary Committee's Hearing for the Supreme Court Nominee

Over the past week for twenty hours, people fired questions at Judge Neil Gorsuch. To put it frankly, it has been one long, tedious job interview! The hearing considering the nomination of Judge Gorsuch has catapulted the U.S. Supreme Court into daily headlines. Yet people still scratch their heads about the meaning and the role of the judicial branch of government. Let's review:

What are the branches of government? According to the U.S. Constitution, there are three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. The three branches are to have shared power to afford proper checks and balances.This is intended to cancel "power trips" of individuals and groups.

Why is it that most people consider the judiciary branch to be most powerful? Judicial activists took the small space allocated to the judiciary branch and cracked open a floodgate of unconstitutional law-making. The manner with which judicial activism has usurped the SCOTUS is shocking: It has wrongly created laws of the land instead of applying the U.S. Constitution. The original SCOTUS job description was to simply and directly uphold and apply the U.S. Constitution and its original intents. Interestingly, of the three branches, the judicial power was given the smallest amount of space in our Constitution. 

How might a citizen learn more? Well, we encourage you to read Article III of the Constitution. It describes the role of the judicial branch. You will note that it is not supposed to act as a legislative body. Legislation from the bench is wrong, power-grabbing, and dangerous --especially since the SCOTUS judges serve indefinitely until retirement or death.

Conservative leader Star Parker shared the scenario concisely, "What really bothers liberals is that the original text of our Constitution is rooted in an even higher source -the Judge of our judges." We agree with Star!

Senator Grassley led this week's Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing considering Judge Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination. Even with all that, Senator Grassley still made sure he didn't miss a vote on the Senate floor!

Senator Grassley hasn't missed a single vote in more than 23 years, a record for the United States Senate. We are so proud of him!
Senator Chuck Grassley is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has been leading the hearing considering Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to serve on the Supreme Court. Senator Grassley said it well, "Judging is about being independent, looking at the law and the facts of the case, and making a decision based just on those facts."

We agree. We need a Justice who will not bring preconceived notions to SCOTUS. We need a Justice who will not legislate from the bench. Yes, we need a Justice who will follow the U.S. Constitution and abide by the role of the judiciary branch as described in Article III. Friends, that is why we need Judge Neil Gorsuch.

We stand on the top of a hill at Captiol Hill: We must decide to go the right way or else our country will go downhill. It is a pivotal time in our history. The balance of the U.S. Supreme Court is at stake. Please read the following article by Star Parker to learn more about Judge Gorsuch and what is happening in Washington.

Pray and stay alert. We have a lot to do and a lot to anticipate, by God's grace!

God bless you always,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Sisters and founders of Unite the USA
Featured Quote

"I don't know how an oath becomes meaningful unless you have faith. Because at the end you say, 'So help me God.' And a promise to God is different from a promise to anyone else."

-Justice Clarence Thomas
This Month's Bible Verse

"Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you 
with my righteous right hand."
-Isaiah 41:10

A nation of law, not politics, with Gorsuch

Judge Neil Gorsuch and Senator Chuck Grassley

By Star Parker

What really bothers liberals is that the original text of our Constitution is rooted in an even higher source - the Judge of our judges.

My first experience with Senate confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court justice nominee was in 1991 at the hearings for Clarence Thomas.

I came to Washington with several hundred black pastors from around the country to support Justice Thomas. The hearings were a national embarrassment. The main focus turned out to be about neither the Constitution nor about Thomas' jurisprudence.

It was about Democratic senators descending to the gutter and dredging up the most disgusting garbage they could conjure to destroy the man's character because his jurisprudence was not aligned with their left-wing agenda.

Fortunately, Thomas survived. But the wounds caused to him and the nation by that pathetic display remain.

Now another outstanding conservative judge, Neil Gorsuch, stands for confirmation and Democrats again grasp at straws to besmirch the character of this man and avoid, at all costs, serious discussion about the Constitution and the judicial philosophy and integrity of the nominee.

What we hear is that he is "anti-choice, anti-environment, pro-corporate," from Senator Leahy.

And, from Senator Schumer, that he "harbors a right-wing, pro-corporate, special interest agenda," siding "with the powerful few over everyday Americans just trying to get a fair shake."

Along the same lines is a 70-page harangue from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund rationalizing their opposition to Judge Gorsuch.

According to the NAACP, Gorsuch "has regularly favored the interests of the privileged and powerful ... at the expense of equality and inclusion."

What bothers those on the left so deeply is they do not perceive that Judge Gorsuch favors those whom they want him to favor. In their view, he favors the rich rather than the poor. Business rather than workers. The majority rather than minorities.

It does not seem to dawn on liberals that Judge Gorsuch favors no one except the American citizenry, and that his singular aspiration is that we live in a nation with fair and objective law carried out by fair and objective judges. Perhaps even more outrageous to liberals is the possibility that Judge Gorsuch may see the law ultimately rooted in eternal and unchanging truths, not made up by a politician or jurist.

We need not look any further than the judicial oath that every Supreme Court justice takes, pledging to "administer justice without respect to persons and do equal right to the poor and to the rich..."

In Judge Gorsuch's own words: "Judges should be in the business of declaring what the law is using traditional tools of interpretation, rather than pronouncing the law as they wish it might be in light of their own political views."

The source of the judicial oath taken by Supreme Court justices is the Judiciary Act of 1789, which established the federal judiciary. It was passed in the first session of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George Washington.

And where did the drafters of the Judiciary Act get these standards for behavior for judges - that they should favor no one?

It is reasonable that the source is the Bible, which proclaims these same standards.

The Book of Exodus says, regarding judges, "Do not follow the majority for evil. ... Do not glorify a destitute person in his grievance." And, in Deuteronomy, "You shall not pervert judgment, you shall not respect persons, and not take a bribe."

What really bothers liberals is that the original text of our Constitution is rooted in an even higher source - the Judge of our judges.

At the conclusion of the Declaration of Independence, the founders appealed "to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions."

Judge Neil Gorsuch will extract our law from the whims of politicians. His appointment to the Supreme Court is an important step to "make America great again."

About Star Parker

Star Parker is one of the names on the short list mentioned when anyone speaks of national black conservative leaders.

Star Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a public policy think tank that promotes market-based solutions to fight poverty.

Before involvement in social activism, Star had seven years of first-hand experience in the grip of welfare dependency. After consulting on federal Welfare Reform in the mid-90s, she founded UrbanCure to bring new ideas to policy discussions on how to transition America's poor from government dependency.

Star has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and International Business from Woodbury University and has received numerous awards and commendations for her work on public policy issues.
She regularly consults with both federal and state legislators on market-based strategies to fight poverty; she has spoken on more than 190 colleges and universities about anti-poverty initiatives; has authored several books; and is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate.
Many of national acclaim would agree that Star Parker has established herself as a thoughtful and energetic leader in Washington D.C and her CURE advisory board includes folks of note such as Generals John Ashcroft and Ed Meese; Doctors Ben Carson, Robert P. George, George Gilder, Marvin Olasky and Walter E. Williams.
Visit www.urbancure.org to learn more about Star Parker. 

Featured Founding Father

William Paca (October 31, 1740 - October 13, 1799) was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence.  He and Samuel Chase led local opposition to the British Stamp Act of 1765 and they formed the Anne Arundel County chapter of the Sons of Liberty.

William Paca had a well-rounded career in government service. He was elected to the Maryland legislature in 1771. In 1774, Paca was appointed to the Continental Congress. In 1779 he became chief justice of Maryland. By 1780, he was elected to serve as a federal judge on the Court of Appeals in Cases of Capture. Then, in 1782, he was elected governor of Maryland.

On December 22, 1789, Paca received a recess appointment from President George Washington. He was appointed to a seat on the newly created U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. Formally nominated on February 8, 1790, Paca was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on February 10, 1790.

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