Unite the USA

Remembering September Eleventh


By Kathi Macias

            At the risk of sounding trite and predictable, how can I not mention the fact that seven years ago today approximately 3,000 people were murdered by terrorists who thought they were doing God's will? As one of my sons boards a plane today to fly to Chicago to see his son/my grandson graduate from basic training and officially become a sailor in the United States Navy, how do I not remember what happened to so many people who unsuspectingly boarded planes for personal and business reasons, only to find themselves being catapulted into eternity as their planes were flown into buildings or slammed into the ground?
            But even as we reflect on the worst of human nature and the depths of deception into which we can fall when serving a god other than the one true biblical God Himself, we also see the stamp of God's image upon humanity reflected in the heroism and selfless love of those who laid down their life for their friends. Todd Beamer and others aboard one of those ill-fated planes had no idea what would happen when they attacked the terrorists who held them and their fellow passengers hostage, but they knew enough by then to realize that they had to try to do something to stop yet another plane from being flown into a building. "Let's roll" has become seared in our memories as the last words of a courageous man who pushed past his fear and did what had to be done. As a result, though everyone aboard that plane was killed (and undoubtedly would have been anyway), a major catastrophe that would have killed many others was averted.
            9/11/2001, a day of infamy, much like December 7, 1941, is a day of tragedy and loss, but it is also a day of heroism and great love, a selfless love that laid down its life for others, a love that was modeled most perfectly by our Savior 2,000 years ago. That was truly a day that lives in infamy, as the powers of darkness danced and rejoiced over their seeming victory, but it is also the precursor of the greatest day our world has ever witnessed: the day our Lord Jesus Christ burst forth from the tomb in triumphant resurrection.
            Today, as we reflect on the heartache and tragedy of 9/11 and honor those who lost their lives that day, may we also remember that because of the greatest love of all, our risen Savior has guaranteed that resurrection follows death for those who believe and follow Him. With that in mind, fellow believers, "Let's roll" as we follow Jesus in modeling that great love the world so desperately needs.