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Operation Military Christmas


Help Bring Christmas to Our Military


2017 has been challenging for troops, veterans, and their families. The Obama Administration has cut military and veterans' support, ignored problems at VA hospitals, and removed Christian symbols of hope where they are needed the most. (More information is available in an article by the FRC called A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military.)

At Christmas, we must help bring back the true meaning to our troops, veterans, and their families. Many families will not have loved ones -either because of serving abroad or the ultimate sacrifice of a loved one dying for our country.

So, let's all do our part for veterans, troops, and military families to feel loved this Christmas.

1. Send Christmas care packages to our troops. (Please see details below.)

2. Reach out to our veterans this Christmas. Many veterans, especially WWII veterans, spend Christmas alone in nursing homes. Each American can do something to change that.

3. Military families sacrifice so much, too. If you know a family whose husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, or dad can't come home for Christmas, reach out to them. Give them a Christmas gift, gift card, cookies, or even a greeting card. Do something to acknowledge them and offer your thanks and prayers.

4. Our servicemen and women do without many comforts so that we can live in freedom and peace. For example, did you that when troops are deployed they don't have a pillow to rest on? You can change that through Project Pillows. Click here to learn how you can help. It's easy and so helpful.

5. Send Christmas cards that could add a splash of Christmas color to military quarters. Or, send acceptable Christmas decorations. Write e-mails and attach files that include photos to print off and use for décor. If anything, it will be a day brightener for the recipient.

6. Schedule a Skype call to bring a friendly face from back home into his/her life at Christmas.  Not all military families have the technology to Skype with their loved ones in the military. Loan your smartphone or laptop so they can Skype with their loved one over Christmas. Now that would be an incredible gift!

See more ways you can help below. Together we can make a difference. We urge you to do something this Christmas season to support and pray for our heroes and their families.

America, now is the time to unite and stand with our military. We need them...but they also need us.  

God bless you,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Founders of Unite the USA
Video: Defend Religious Freedom In Our Military
Senior Master Sgt. Philip Monk Discusses Military Religious Freedom Incident
Senior Master Sgt. Philip Monk Discusses Military Religious Freedom Incident

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Featured Quote

"There may not be atheists in foxholes, but there sure are a lot of quiet Christians. With religious freedom under attack in America's military, most troops are scared to even talk about their beliefs. And who can blame them? Under President Obama, the military censors chaplains' sermons, but builds Wiccan fire pits for cadets. It tells commanders to strip God out of an online article, while its missile defense staff spends hours surfing pornography at work. It tears down POW displays for its Bibles, but lets soldiers march in uniform in gay pride parades. Slowly but surely, our brave servicemen and women are losing the very rights they're fighting to protect." 

-Tony Perkins
(Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. and President of the FRC)

*Read an article by Tony called Congress Pulls Rank in Military Debate.


Featured Bible Verse

 "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." -John 8:36


How to Send a Care Package
Show your support and appreciation to our servicemen and women and send a care package. It means so much to them to receive something from home. So, get busy and reach out to a hero today. Make it a family project. Here are some tips to send a care package:

1. Shop for items to go in the care package. Include a variety of items such as nonperishable food and snacks like sunflower seeds, beef jerky, hard candy, gum and snack crackers. Useful items like toothpaste, hand lotion, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, shampoo, chap stick, and bath soap are always appreciated. Also include CDs, DVDs, magazines, small games, note pads and pens. If you are preparing a care package for a loved one, include photos, family videos, hand written letters and copies of the local newspaper.

2. Follow the restrictions established for military care packages. Do not send perishable foods or candies that melt. Alcohol, firearms, and any time of weapon are not allowed in care packages. Do not send any product that may be considered harmful such as an aerosol spray can.

3. Use the guidelines established for the care package itself. The package cannot weigh more than 70 pounds. The box or container that is sent must be no more than 130 inches total combined girth and length. The completed care package needs to be sent by way of the United States Postal System by "Priority Mail." If not sent by Priority Mail, the package will take 8 weeks or even longer if mailed during the holiday mailing period.

4. Be sure that you have the correct military address to mail your care package because the package will pass through the Military Post Office (MPO) to be processed to the correct military base or location.

5. Work together with military families in the same unit as your loved one to make sure that all the members of the unit have care packages arriving from home. Ask the home front commanding officer or the assigned contact to stay updated about the military unit's location. Talk to organizations in your community about doing service projects for various military units that may not have a lot of home front support.


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