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October Edition: Be Ready To Make a Difference

Be Ready to VOTE


Election day this year is November 4. Our advice: Be ready to vote. If all the America-loving voters got depressed and stopped voting, then our country would be even worse.

Ensure you are definitely registered to vote, learn about the candidates, and then go vote. Every vote makes a difference. In fact, sometimes elections are determined by only a handful of votes.

Many people say, "Even if I do get involved, it will just be a 'drop in the bucket'." But let's ask you this, "how does a bucket get filled?" One drop at a time. If you leave a bucket under a dripping faucet, sooner or later it will get filled. See what we mean? So, yes, together, we can make an impact. Yes, voting and being involved do matter.

If you don't like standing in line at the polls, vote early or vote using an absentee ballot. You can go to your state's secretary of state web site or call your county auditor to learn how to register to vote and how to request an absentee ballot. Or, click here for more information.

Fallen soldiers and veterans paid in priceless ways for us to have the gift of freedom -including the freedom to vote.

Let's just put it plainly: It's an insult to veterans if we do not vote. Our current servicemen and women and veterans have given so much so that we have freedom and the freedom to vote. So be sure to vote. Don't waste that gift!

See you at the polls!

God bless you,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Founders of Unite the USA
Video About Voting
Voter Responsibilities by David Barton
Voter Responsibilities by David Barton
Be Ready for Veterans Day (11/11/14)
Why not thank a veteran? There is no good answer to that question. Everyone has time to thank a veteran sometime somewhere. We'll help you remember and give you tips for Veterans Day. Just join the online initiative to thank veterans on Veterans Day (11.11.14) by going to this page and clicking "Going" and inviting your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/374665642688918/.
Voting: It's Not an Option -It's a Must!

 By Stacie Ruth Stoelting

I remember when flying to D.C. to sing, I visited with a passenger who was a high school senior, who had been selected to represent students in her state, conversed with us at rapid-fire speed. Suddenly, we started talking U.S. History.


She dropped open her lip glossed mouth. Why? We told her some basic things about our beautiful country. We felt like dropping our mouths open, too: She honestly never knew some of the amazing, basic facts of our country!  In her case, ignorance played the starring role in her response. Don't get mad at her; this teen's ignorance was not completely her fault. In her case, no one bothered to teach her the basics of American history or government. No one stepped up to teach her the basics -not her parents and not even her school.

But, in other cases, people simply don't care. (Apathy elicits no sympathy from me.)
Over 1 million cast votes ...for "Dancing with the Stars." Yet millions of people toss aside their right to vote for leaders who could control their lives.

Let's get this straight: Not voting is still voting. Not voting empowers an extreme minority to rule a majority. Think about it: If one doesn't express one's preference, one welcomes deference.

My sister, Carrie Beth, and I sing patriotic Christian songs for leaders like Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee and most of all our country's heroes: veterans.

We're pumped for patriotic action in America. Are you? Consider the V.O.T.E.R. points:

1.   View the country from an eagle's eye and not from a feelings-only, close-range perspective. If we don't risk hurting misguided people's feelings, we risk hurting our country. Hurting our country would be far worse for everyone than temporary discomfort when sharing about your candidates.

2. Overcome apathy. An active minority overtakes an inactive majority. Today, apathy runs rampant. Some Christians snivel, cross their arms, and refuse to cast votes for less than ideal candidates. "Why vote when my first choice didn't make it?" People depend on others to stand up for their values. Yet, if everyone thought that way, no one would stand and the country would fall.

· Research the candidates. Who is pro-life, pro-elderly, and pro-small government? Learn more about 2014 candidates and through the American Family Association's voter guide.

· Employ the "friendly, firm, and fair" logic when conveying why you want other people to vote for your candidate.

· Pray before you vote. Then pray for fellow voters. And pray for all candidates -even those of the opposition. (Changed hearts equal changed votes.)

· Put up signs in your yard, on Facebook and Twitter, on your car, etc. And actually talk about it. (Again, fear of getting unfriendly responses only increases our country's chances to fall and fail.)

3.   Temper your temper. Discover the sweetness of rational, educational discussion. No matter what, stay calm, cool, and collected.

4.   Energize your friends, co-workers, and everybody you meet. Positive, respectful persuasion quickly ripples thru a nation until it builds into a wave!

5.   Refuse fear. Silent conservatives, let's emerge from shyness and politely, positively vocalize truth. Frankly, a fear of hurting feelings hurts our country.

Apathy felled Rome and many powerful nations of the past. So stand up for Biblical values in America, your home. Don't discount the value of your vote when the votes are counted.

"Vote." Yes, it's a four-letter word. But so is "love." If you love America, you'll vote. It's that simple. Vote pro-life, pro-elderly, and pro-limited government!

By the way, my sister and I eventually heard from the high school senior. I'm hopeful that she's going to start heading in the right direction. Remember: If we pray and obey, God hears and draws near. Let's do that this fall. Let's vote!

Again, changed hearts equal changed votes. Let's draw near to God now. I'll let His Word have the final word: "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful"(Colossians 3:15, NIV). If you don't know God's peace, get to know Jesus for yourself, click here.

In God We Still Trust Video
In God We Still Trust
In God We Still Trust
 Our country needs to turn to Jesus. Listen to "In God We Still Trust" for inspiration to keep "fighting the good fight". For hope and encouragement, listen to Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth sing "In God We Still Trust".
This Month's Bible Verse


"What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)


American's Guidebook
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Featured Quote

 "Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual - or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country."
- Samuel Adams, April 16, 1781 

Featured Founding Father

William Paterson (December 24, 1745 - September 9, 1806) was a a signer of the U.S. Constitution from New Jersey. Mr. Paterson served in government in many capacities. He was an attorney general for the state of New Jersey and he was one of New Jersey's first U.S. Senators. He was also an associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In addition, he also served as the second governor of New Jersey (1790-1793).  


Voting Tips


Election day this year is November 4. Be ready.
  • Make sure your are registered to vote. 33 million Americans think they're registered when they're really not. (For example, if you have moved be sure you are properly registered.) Click here to make sure you are registered. It's fast and easy. 
  • Check your state's deadline to register. In our home state of Iowa, the deadline to pre-register is Saturday, October 25 at 5:00 P.M.. 
  • Vote early. You can go to your county auditor's office and vote now.
  • If you don't like standing in line at the polls, vote early or vote using an absentee ballot.
  • You can go to your state's secretary of state web site or call your county auditor to learn how to request an absentee ballot. 
  • Make sure you are educated about who is on the ballot. Research the candidates, their records, and beliefs. Don't trust the media to do it for you. Be your own advocate.
In God We Still Trust 
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